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Always measure with a metal tape measure or rule. Cloth or plastic tapes can stretch.


blinds inside fixingsInside fixings

If the blind is to fit inside a window recess, please provide the exact recess drop (G) and width (H) measurements. (Blinds are made 0.5" (1.3cm) smaller to accommodate movement during operation)


blinds outside fixingsOutside fixings

Please provide track width (I) and not the window width. The track should extend 4" (10cm) each side of the window and be fixed 4" (10cm) above. The drop length (J) should be from the top of the track to the bottom of the blind when lowered.



As a guide, tracks should be fixed at 4" (10cm) above the lintel, and poles at 6" (15cm)


Measure the track or pole (A)  - not the window. The track or pole should usually extend beyond each side of your window to enable the curtains to be pulled well back during the day. If a curtain overlap track is used, add (B) Plus (C) for the total track width.

curtains measuring upLength

There are 4 basic lengths to choose from :

  • Sill length (D)
  • Below Sill (E)
  • Floor length (F)
  • Puddle Length

Curtains should finish:

  • D: 0.5" (1.3cm) above the sill
  • E: 6" (15cm) below the sill
  • F: 0.75" (2cm) from the floor

Measure from the point where you wish the top of the curtain to be, down to the required finished length. Puddle Length is a fashionable option that allows the fabric to "puddle" on the floor and look really opulent, but it’s  not recommended where there are children!



Valances or soft pelmets

Valences measuring upThe track length (K) measurement is required, plus any returns (L). Particular accuracy is required for hand pleated styles, which are tailored to fit.




All measurements for bedspreads should be made with the bedding on.

fitted bedspreadsFitted Bedspreads

Width (P) and length (Q) and height (R) are required. The pillow gusset length will be 19" (48cm) and the gusset height 5" (13cm) - sufficient for one pillow - unless otherwise stated.



throwoversA floor to floor width (S) and length to floor (T) measurement (including pillow) are required. We will add 12" (30cm) as a pillow tuck.




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