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Curtains... Blinds... Fabrics... Wallpaper... Poles & Tracks...  Re-upholstery...

Use a metal tape measure. Cloth stretches.


Do visit the showroom first. Bring colour samples (carpet, wallpaper, bedding, paint) with you so that you can match and compare.

Fabrics should be viewed in  daylight and at night.  Our pattern books can always be borrowed and taken home for up to two days.


It’s safest to phone first before you visit.


Blinds can be just as eye-catching as curtains, and are  practical and durable. The style and material chosen depends on a number of factors: you may want your blinds to block out light or to keep heat in. Or you may be looking for blinds to provide a backdrop.

For Foundry Barn Opening times see About Us


Dust pillows & curtains by tossing in your dryer and set on cool or air dry. Throw in a fabric softener sheet to help freshen them up.

Never slide or drag furniture along the floor. The vibration can loosen or break joints, chip feet, break legs, etc., to say nothing of what dragging does to the carpeting or finish on the floor. Whenever possible, use trolleys or dollies for transporting heavy pieces.



If you are trying to repair furniture yourself, don’t use nails, screws, nail guns, duct tape, twine, metal brackets, coat hangers or other creative fast-fixes. They make the job that much harder when you do decide to get the piece mended professionally.


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